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Abir Yaacob - The Abichazira Dynasty (2 vol.)

Abir Yaacob - The Abichazira Dynasty (2 vol.)

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The lives and times of the saintly Grand Rabbis of the Abichazira Dynasty.
The main emphasis is on Rabbi Yaakov Avichatzeira, Rabbi David Avichatzeira, Rabbi Yisrael Avichatzeira (Baba Sali) and Rabbi Meir Avichatzeira.
Translated into English by Nehemiah Klein.

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By: Chanoch Regal | Publisher: Yeshivat Abir Yaakov | Language: English | Volumes: 2 | Pages: 742 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 7 X 9.75 inches |True Awesome Stories !!!

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