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Alef Bet Adventure

Alef Bet Adventure

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Learn the Hebrew Alphabet with Alef Bet Adventure!

The Hebrew alphabet has never been easier or more fun for kids to learn. The Alef Bet Adventure software program gives young students an innovative, exciting way to learn the Hebrew alphabet over the course of a year, including learning Hebrew letters and vowels, Hebrew reading, and basic vocabulary.

Learning the Hebrew Alphabet is Easy and Fun!

Alef Bet Adventure has three main sections: The Letters The Vowels Words: Reading and Vocabulary Each section has its own Home Page to make it easy for children to navigate between the different parts of the program. There's plenty to learn and do: Each Letter has five learning sections, each Vowel has ten learning sections and each Words section is followed by a fun exercise to reinforce what is learned. Special Bonuses The Practice Page allows you to design your own custom practice sheets to review on-screen or print out. The Vocabulary Section gives kids quick access to any of the words used in the program, and is great for easy reading and vocabulary practice. Alef Bet Adventure is an exceptionally flexible program, designed to meet the needs of different learning styles. It even includes an option to practice reading any combination of letters and vowels. Any page from the entire program can be printed for extra practice. The colorful 3-D graphics, captivating sound, and superb animation attract and engage youngsters for hours. Yet, behind its flexibility and fun, Alef Bet Adventure teaches the Hebrew alphabet using a highly organized and systematic approach. Learn the Hebrew Alphabet Using a Unique Educational Method The most common approach to teaching the Hebrew alphabet is to first teach the names of all the letters and then teach the sounds of all the letters. This approach can sometimes be confusing for children because it can be difficult to remember all the letters at once, without the opportunity to really get to know each individual letter. Alef Bet Adventure takes a totally different approach. Based on the renowned Hebrew reading book Veshinantam, and on the advice of leading educators, each letter of the alphabet is taught individually until every aspect has been covered - its name, shape, and sound. Only after children are fully familiar with a letter and have reviewed it together with previously learned letters does the program continue to the next letter. The same systematic structure is followed in the vowel section of the program. Each vowel is presented individually, with ten distinct learning sections for each new vowel. Each has its own unique practice exercise. The program mixes the vowels together with the letters and repeatedly reviews old material together with new. This has proven to be an exceptionally successful approach to teaching children the Hebrew alphabet and how to read Hebrew. We also offer a companion program, Ready for Reading, for children who are ready to learn to read Hebrew at a more advanced level. System Requirements: PC with Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, 64MB RAM minimum, CD-ROM drive, sound card, Pentium 233 or faster or Macintosh (233 or faster) with System 8.5 or higher, or OS X native mode, CD-ROM drive


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