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Ben Ish Chai - Benayahu & Ben Yehoyada (4 vol.)

Ben Ish Chai - Benayahu & Ben Yehoyada (4 vol.)

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Explanations and commentaries on the Talmud, written on the nistar level - the mystical aspect, and the nigleh level - the revealed aspect.
Rabbi Yosef Chaim (1835-1909) devoted some time each day to lecturing. Every morning, after completing the shacharit prayer, he would deliver a lecture in Talmud in the Small Synagogue. He laid special emphasis on explaining the Aggadic passages of the Talmud. In time, his expositions of these passages were published in Ben Yehoyada, followed some years later by a second work, Benayahu.

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By: Rabbi Yoseph Chaim (Ben Ish Chai) | Publisher: HaMossad Le'Idud Limud HaTorah | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 4 | Binding: Hard |

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