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Defiance In Samarkand

Defiance In Samarkand

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Firsthand accounts of Bukharian jewry's self-sacrifice under Soviet rule. Samarkand was famously a land of refuge during the 20th century for Jews fleeing the Nazi onslaught. But Samarkand was already a land with a long Jewish past, a land steeped in synagogues,rabbis and scholars. Defiance in Samarkand takes the reader through a journey of a civilization over a millennium old. From the Silk Road of late antiquity, the Jews of Bukhara spread their presence and influence throughout the asian region,where they established vibrant communities of commerce and Torah. Rabbi Shlomo Chai Niyazov, descendant of Bukharian leaders,describes many beloved inhabitants - Kabbalists,artisans, merchants and tzadikkim - amazing,colorful individuals who raised or reinforced the jewish observance,and who during much of the not-too-distant past fought to preserve their faith in the terrifying face of Soviet oppression. We meet brilliant rabbis who restored schools and synagogues to spiritual heights;desperate travelers in flight from the communist regime; and prominent Chabad personalities who survived bitter years in Siberian gulags and Russian prisons. We discover a vast underground network devoted to the Jewish instruction of local children under the ever-watchful eyes of the KGB. These children became the adults who joined thousands to emigrate to Eretz Yisroel or New York,where they successfully rebuilt their communities. Gripping yet affectionate, Defiance in Samarkand pays homage to a remarkable corner of the world that proved to be a major center of Jewish life and played a major part in Jewish history. About the author Rabbi Shlomo Chai Niyazov, descendant of a long line f Bukharian leaders, is rabbi of Congregation L'Maan Achai Bukharim, in Brooklyn,New York. Born in the Soviet Union,he was active during the 1970's in underground outreach, providing religious education and service to thousands of Bukahrian jews. He now lives in Borough Park,Brooklyn with his wife.

Rabbi Shlomo Chay Niyazov

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