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Forever in Awe - The Essence and Lessons of the Jewish Year

Forever in Awe - The Essence and Lessons of the Jewish Year

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How much thought do we give to the essence of an upcoming Yom Tov? Many of us get so caught up in the preparations that we are left with precious little energy to delve into its true meaning and significance.

The dates of our Yamim Tovim and the Jewish months of the year are determined by the waxing and waning of the moon. Our personalities and character traits are shaped, to a degree, by the mazal of the month under which we were born. By exercising our power of choice in a positive manner, as in walking in the ways of Torah, we can actually circumvent our lackluster mazal. It is up to each of us to strive to rise above our tendencies that could be bogging us down and preventing us from maximizing our potential.

The timeless stories and essays contained within these pages will shine into your heart and soul and inspire you to strive to grow as you follow the rhythm of the entire year!

Dimensions: 6" X 9",ISBN: 978-1-59826-092-2,Weight: 1.5250 lbs,Binding: Hard Cover / 351 pages ,Published by: Distributed by Feldheim,

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