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Guidelines, Laws of Brachos, Volume 2

Guidelines, Laws of Brachos, Volume 2

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Until you browse through the pages of this unique book you may never have realized just how many halachos are involved in an average meal, from start to finish. With clarity and an authoritative tone, the authors present a question-and-answer format on the laws of blessings down to the last detail, picking up where the previous volume left off. Discusses such subjects such as Bracha Levatala, Duration of a Bracha, Change of Location, Raw and Roasted Grains, Fruits and Vegetables, and Mistakes in Bracha Rishona, among many others. An extensive index makes for a great resource and Hebrew sourcenotes are included for further elucidation. An absolute must for every Jewish home.

By Rabbi Elozor Barclay; Rabbi Yitzchok Jaeger / Binding: Hard Cover / 481 pages Published by Targum Press

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