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Hegyonei HaParsha, Devorim (Hebrew Only)

Hegyonei HaParsha, Devorim (Hebrew Only)

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A collection of essays on topics in halachah based on the weekly parashah. The essays bring together the opinions of the Rishonim and Achronim on every topic covered, analyzing and clarifying current halachic issues through the contemporary poskim. Each essay begins with the topic's source in the parashah, an introduction, and a summary of the questions discussed. Subheadings and a concluding summary of the topic's main points are valuable additions.

Topics covered in this volume include:
Is one permitted to eat in the street?
When must we leave work on Erev Shabbos?
How far must we travel to make Minyan?
Do taxes need to be paid?
What unfair business practices are prohibited?
Do we need to stand for laining and when the Aron Kodesh is open?
Is there a problem with blowing out the candles on a birthday cake?

This is the fifth and final volume of this widely enjoyed set of Seforim.

Dimensions: 7x10 | ISBN: 7354F | Weight: 2.8000 lbs | Binding: Hard Cover / 772 pages | Publisher: Feldheim Publishers

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