Her Children Return! - 2 Volume Set

Her Children Return! - 2 Volume Set

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Viewing the miraculous rebirth and growth of Yerushalayim through the windows of the Light Rail

With over 1000 photos of Yerushalayim

Rabi Akiva gave his wife Rochel an exquisite piece of jewelry: a golden diadem depicting Yerushalayim, which our sages call "Yerushalayim of Gold."

Rabban Gamliel explained that Rochel deserved this piece of jewelry because she had suffered hardship, poverty and deprivation as the wife of Rabi Akiva. Yet, she had stuck by him, encouraging him to grow greater and greater.

Similarly, Am Yisroel has suffered almost two thousand years of hardship and pain; two thousand years of excruciating and agonizing galus. Yet throughout it all we have stuck with HaShem, clinging to Him with all our might..

Merciful Ribbono Shel Olam, the husband of Klal Yisroel, just as Rabi Akiva gave his wife Rochel a Yerushalayim of Gold, please give us Yerushalayim the golden with the Bais HaMikdosh in its midst. Hasten the time when all tears will be wiped from every face and You will rule over the whole world in its entirety.

Mrs. V. Littmann

Author: Mrs. V. Littmann I Dimensions: 6.5" X 9.25"I Format: Hardcover I Publisher: Tfutza Publications

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