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In Search of Torah Wisdom : Questions You Forgot to Ask Your Rebbi

In Search of Torah Wisdom : Questions You Forgot to Ask Your Rebbi

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Many frum people observe mitzvos and yet seem to be lacking a sense of inner spiritual connection. Others seek understanding and depth of meaning, but have no Rebbe, no trusted mentor, to whom they can ask their questions. Still others have become tired, jaded, apathetic or cynical – and suspect that there are no answers worth hearing.

This fascinating, original, and inspiring work will undoubtedly help thousands of frum men and women of all ages feel “re-jewvenated” in their Torah lives. It addresses questions we have, issues that are rarely discussed, and challenges we face as individuals and a community. Written in a friendly - even casual – and easy-to-read style, it draws on an incredible breadth of classic sources, and presents mainstream “yeshivish” hashkafah as it applies to our contemporary lives.

Some questions addressed include:
•Why are Orthodox Jews so conservative?

•How do we understand bitter disputes between Torah giants?

•Why do rabbis issue bans on books if they only serve to increase their sales?

•What is the deeper meaning of Tanach, aggadata and minhagim?

•How do we view Torah, science and history?

•Where do non-Jews fit in the Divine Plan?

•Where do chumros come in – and how about those black hats?

These and dozens of other questions are answered in entertaining and thought-provoking ways that will help you explore what it means to be a frum Jew, a ben or bas Torah – and a thoughtful human being who seeks a serious relationship with Hashem.

By: Rabbi Yisroel Milller | Publisher: Mosaica Press | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 399 | Binding: Hard | ISBN: 9781937887056 |

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