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Kids Speak 8

Kids Speak 8

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Itamar has a problem. A big one. Everyone suspects him of being the kid who's been stealing things from other boys in class. He's got one way to prove he's innocent: by revealing a friend's secret. What's better — to be a tattletale... or a thief?

Talya's a popular girl who's happy when she meets a new girl who's just her type. But her new friend seems to be split in two: sometimes she's the greatest, so warm and kind — and sometimes she's a snob who totally ignores Talya.

Aryeh has a photographic memory. He remembers telephone numbers, license plate numbers, and every number he's ever seen. He never dreamed how useful this talent could be, until one day a luxury car appeared in his neighborhood.

Esti has built the biggest snowman in Tzefas and maybe the entire world. People are amazed and crowd around to take their picture with the snowman. Esti's on top of the world... until she finds out about a girl who's so impressed by the snowman that she wants to destroy it.

Fourteen boys and girls are the heroes of Kids Speak 8.

Chaim Walder's popular Kids Speak series is back with more stories about kids aged 8 to 12 on topics that they relate to: friendship, self-confidence, facing challenges, handling fears, school, and play. In this book you'll find stories about children who took the initiative to help their friends, neighbors, and family and to make the world a better place.

Dimensions: 7" X 10",ISBN: 978-168025-212-5,Weight: 1.3750 lbs,Binding: Hard Cover / 208 pages ,Published by: Distributed by Feldheim,

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