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Kids Speak (Vol. 9)

Kids Speak (Vol. 9)

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Noam always wins the annual school prize for "Most Original Purim Costume" with his self-styled creations. So why does he of all people have tears streaming down his face this Purim?

Malky is smart, mature, and responsible. What makes her suddenly stick a bed halfway out her bedroom window?

Shimshon terrorizes other kids. What can possibly make him change from being "Shimshon the Strong" to "Shimshon the Kindhearted"?

Zehava and her siblings fight with each other all the time. Do you think a baby only two days old can change that?

Fourteen boys and girls are the heroes of Kids Speak 9!

By: Chaim Walder | Dimensions: 6 X 9 | ISBN: 978-168025-284-2 | Weight: 1.4060 lbs | Binding: Hard Cover | Pages: 208 | Illustrator: Devorah Bene

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