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Last Day Laughter - Women's Journeys

Last Day Laughter - Women's Journeys

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Last Day Laughter enters the inner lives of women who transform the toughest personal challenges into exhilarating personal redemption. They turn fear into faith, obstacles into vehicles, and trial into triumph.

Wether harshly spotlighted in a murky and national travesty of justice, or torn by an unforseen twist to their marriage, or confronted by the ire of loved ones and community, or confused - could this really be life-threatening addiction?...

Here are women who support each other with prayer, with Torah study, with unyielding faith and transformational courage, knowing that their personal redemption seeds and speeds the cosmic redeption, the promised, long-awaited era of Divine harmony and peace.

When all the world exalts with unparalleled joy and last day laughter.


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