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Magical Revelations-Adar, Weinberg

Magical Revelations-Adar, Weinberg

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“There are few things more magical than the ability of our Sages to reveal the mystery of time and our mastery of it.”
— Harav Simcha Leib Weinberg

Our Sages teach us that Moshe Rabbeinu established that the Jewish people should ask about and discuss the lessons and Jewish laws of Holidays, including Purim, thirty days prior to their arrival. These powerful moments are revealed to be accessible for us to magically change the times in which we live. We would like to use these thirty days that begin on Tu B’Shevat to not only use Jewish law and prayer to prepare for Purim, but to use our preparations to better understand, define, appreciate and apply the lessons of Mordechai and Esther. Our service on these special days is an opportunity to plant seeds for trees that will continue to nurture us long into the future.

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