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Mezuzah: A Comprehensive Guide

Mezuzah: A Comprehensive Guide

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Mezuzah – A Comprehensive Guide is a veritable gold mine of information for the study of the laws of Mezuzah. Rabbi Yair Hoffman has managed to present the most complex halachic issues in a clear and lucid manner. The book’s comprehensive approach covers the full gamut of all that is related to Mezuzah – philosophical motifs and implications, types of parchment, method of writing, the where’s, when’s and how’s of its affixing, what invalidates a letter, and a myriad of other issues and questions. A number of new halachic issues have been explored and presented to leading Torah scholars of our generation for clarifications as well. The work is fascinating to read.

No previous text has dealt with the issue so thoroughly. Mezuzah – A Comprehensive Guide is a work of profound and meticulous scholarship. It is an indispensable resource both for the layman as well as the accomplished Torah scholar. It is a must have for all Jewish homes and synagogues.

By: Rabbi Yair Hoffman | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 231 | Binding: Hard |out of stock

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