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Minchat Yehuda - Rabbi Yehuda Petaya (English)

Minchat Yehuda - Rabbi Yehuda Petaya (English)

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By the famous mekkubal from Iraq Rabbi Yehudah Petaya (1859-1942) who rose up to be the foremost student of the Ben Ish Chai. The book is his commentary on the Tanach, Zohar, secrets of dreams, Olam Haba and Gehinom. Rabbi Yehuda also writes of his experiences with earth bound souls (ruchot & dibbukim), and the exorcisms that he performed.

~~~ Please look inside for fascinating sample pages.

By: Rabbi Yehuda Petaya | Publisher: Machon Haktav| Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 504 | Binding: Hard | Back in print

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