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Mishneh Torah - RAMBAM (16 vol. - Frenkel Edition) [medium size]

Mishneh Torah - RAMBAM (16 vol. - Frenkel Edition) [medium size]

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The year was 1170 when the Rambam (1135-1204) began his magnum opus. Ten years later he completed the Mishneh Torah. The work is a monumental compilation, and orderly arrangement of all biblical and rabbinic rules, practices, and customs. The Mishneh Torah is an unparalleled masterpiece of comprehensive halachic knowledge covering almost every topic of jewish life including medicine as the Rambam was the personal doctor to the sultan.(halacha)

This edition of Mishneh Torah is considered to be the best and clearest edition yet. Volumes are also sold individually.
The latest volume published, Ahava (chelek beit) is not shown in the picture.

~~~ Please look inside.

By: Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon | Publisher: Shabtai Frenkel | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 16 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 9.5 inch. X 12 inch. | Weight : 63 LB. |

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