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More Kids Speak (vol. 3) - Children Talk About Themselves

More Kids Speak (vol. 3) - Children Talk About Themselves

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A sequel to 'Kids Speak' and 'More Kids Speak,' chock-full of children's own personal stories. The fears, challenges, and triumphs described by these children make up every child. A must for your kids--and you!

Eli, a boy from Haifa who meets a mysterious man called the Cave Man. Nava, a smart girl who has everything going for her yet still feels insecure. Aharon, struggling with financial problems connected to his gogo collection. Nechama, who doesn't get along that well with her mother, and Shuki, who manages to overcome his hearing difficulties to save 37 people. These kids and another 18 boys and girls are the heroes of 'Kids Speak 3'. In his book, author and educator Chaim Walder opens a window into the world of children and youth, making an amazing journey to the depths of their souls, their feelings, and their struggles. All volumes of 'Kids Speak' have won unprecedented acclaim both in Israel and the world over, becoming a treasure house of lasting values in children's literature.

By: Chaim Walder | Publisher: Feldheim | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 228 | Binding: Hard |

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