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Mourning In Halachah - The laws and customs of the year of mourning

Mourning In Halachah - The laws and customs of the year of mourning

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The Laws and Customs of the Year of Mourning. For generations, people have wanted a book that sets forth the laws of mourning clearly and accurately, citing relevant sources and the customs of various communities in Israel, America and Europe. The Hebrew "P'nei Baruch" filled that need. Now after painstaking translation, adaptation, and review it is available to the English-speaking public, offering answers to questions that cannot wait, for virtually every conceivable situation. Includes:

laws of visiting the sick
laws and customs from the sickbed, through burial, shivah, shloshim, the first year, through yahrzeit
prayers and Psalms at the cemetery
exhaustive index of almost any possible eventuality
source notes
appendix of prayers
45 chapters
Over 500 pages. By Rabbi Chaim Binyamin Goldberg. Translated by Shlomo Fox-Ashrei. Edited by Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz.

ISBN-13: 9780899061719,Binding: Hardcover / Pages: 504,Dimensions: 6" x 9" / Weight: 2.10 LBS,Published: by ArtScroll / Mesorah,

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