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Nesivos Sholom: Essential Perspectives on Education

Nesivos Sholom: Essential Perspectives on Education

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With depth and insight into the human mind and soul, the Slonimer Rebbe (1911-2000) shows parents and educators how to imbue today’s children and students with love for Torah and mitzvos. He instructs on how to discipline without harshness, how to deal with the turbulence of adolescence, and how to nurture faith and enthusiasm which will yield beautiful results. Includes the original Hebrew text of Nesivei Chinuch.

~~~ Please look inside for table of content.

By: HaRav Sholom Noach Berezovsky (Slonimer Rebbe) | Publisher: Feldheim | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 320 | Binding: Hard |

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