Now You Are Here: Navigating Nursing Home Care for Your Loved One

Now You Are Here: Navigating Nursing Home Care for Your Loved One

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After her mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Sarah was confronted with the challenge of having sole responsibility for her mother’s care. Although guide books on dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia abound, she found that most of the information available did not apply once she had to place her mother in a nursing home.

Sarah’s sixteen years of caring for her mom gave rise to this book. The fear, concerns, and anxieties she faced led her to compile her tips and stories. This guide is designed to help you on this last part of your loved one’s journey.

Now You Are Here is the book you’ve been waiting for. Read it and gain the insights you need, right here, right now.

“This guide is essential for families to read and have access to as they journey down this difficult path....Sarah Goldstein’s story is raw and brave.”
—Sara Oberstein, RN, BSN

“The blend of stories and suggestions sounds like a conversation with a good friend. Thank you, Sarah, for coming to the rescue of those in need.”
—Aviva Yoselis, MPH, BCPA

Author Sarah Goldstein | ISBN 9781614655947 | Pages 112 | Cover Type softcover

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