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Parables Of The Ben Ish Chai

Parables Of The Ben Ish Chai

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One of the greatest geonim of modern times was also a master spinner of tales. This selection will entertain, illuminate and inspire.

In this marvelously versatile book,Yaakov Kahn collects some of the finest parables of the Ben Ish Chai. Aptly, he calls it Golden Apples, following the wisdom of Solomon, who describes the truth within a parable as a golden apple, wreathed by the silver setting of the story that teaches it.

Indeed these stories are pure gold. For parents and teachers, adults and children, speakers and readers, this is a book that will amuse, interest, and instruct. It's the kind of book you will pick up over and over again. No wonder the original Hebrew edition is so popular - and so will this new translation be.

~~~ Please look inside.

By: Yaakov Kahn | Publisher: Artscroll Mesorah | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 192 | Dimensions: 9" x 6" | Binding: Hard |

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