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Perfectly Pareve Magnet

Perfectly Pareve Magnet

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The Perfectly Pareve Magnet takes one of the most confusing topics in Kashrus, turning it into a clear, concise and easy-to-follow flowchart clarifying over twenty-five of the most commonly occurring questions. With this handy reference nearby, keeping yourself pareve will no longer be cause for doubt.

And, as a magnet, it sticks to your refrigerator! You will have it right in the kitchen where all the kashrus questions come up. There are even maare mekomos for every p’sak.

HaRav Yitzchak Berkovits Shlit”a says,

“I have looked over Rav Zvi Silverman’s extensive chart covering the practical applications of the Nat bar Nat principles and have found it to be accurate. This chart is the result of much toil and is remarkably practical.”

Rabbi Tzvi Silverman

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