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Pillars of Faith - A reasonable Approach to the Foundations of Judaism

Pillars of Faith - A reasonable Approach to the Foundations of Judaism

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In times past, the average Jewish person was born in a shtetl, a small Jewish town,with a local kosher baker and fish market,with pious people in the study halls, and a Rabbi who knew both you (and your grandparents) by name. The spirit of the next holiday permeated the air. Life was rich. People were sincere. Jewish knowledge was simply absorbed from daily life. Tradition was cherished.

In our own times, the shtetl walls have come down. In Western society, Jewish beliefs and customs are largely ignored - and sometimes scorned. These days, nothing is automatic. Individuals must make their own choices and ask themselves:Does Judaism make sense? Can a modern, thinking person identify with traditional Judaism?

In this remarkable book, Jewish belief is explained clearly and logically, for both the beginner and scholar, using a wide variety of both ancient and modern sources.This fascinating book shows that there is a rational way of understanding traditional Jewish values.

About the author:
Rabbi Taylor serves as the Director of Adult Education and Outreach at the Chabad of Plantation. As an erudite and inspirational young scholar, Rabbi Taylor has become a sought-after educator and speaker.

Your book, Pillars of Faith, will enlighten the understanding of all who follow the laws of the Torah, and serve as a source of knowledge and inspiration for those who are seeking a life of truth. --Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky

…an invaluable aid to introduce one to the foundations of Jewish belief and also to inspire and strengthen the faith of those already on the Torah path. --Rabbi Zev Leff

Impressive… clear and logical explanations of many difficult and complicated subjects. --Rabbi Gedalia Dov Schwartz

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