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Pirkei Avot - Ethics of the Fathers the Bogolubov Edition, RUSSIAN

Pirkei Avot - Ethics of the Fathers the Bogolubov Edition, RUSSIAN

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Anthology of the classics: Rashi,
Rambam, Bartenura, Maharal and
hundreds of other commentaries

Insights from the Chasidic Masters

Biographies of the Tannaim

Stories and Parables

Historical backgrounds

Original artwork

The Talmud states "One who wishes to be a chasid, should practice the words of Avot (Ethics of the Fathers)."

Now, with the release of Pirkei Avot: With a New Commentary, Anthologized from the works of the Classic Commentators and the Chasidic Masters, that daunting task has become that much easier.

Compiled by well-known author and translator Rabbi Yosef Marcus, and published by the Lubavitch publishing house, Kehot Publication Society, the volume gives the reader a comprehensive and fundamental understanding of Pirkie Avot. Anthologized from hundreds of commentators, classic to obscure, the commentary is crowned with the insights culled from the voluminous works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe and his predecessors.

Printed in elegant two-color with original artwork, and issued in a deluxe gift edition as the "Rabbi Gavriel & Rivkah Memorial Edition" it was dedicated by Howard and Claire Glowinsky of Toronto, Canada, in honor of the Bar Mitzvah on their son Benji.

The Russian edition was dedicated by Mr. & Mrs. Uri Laber and Mr. and Mrs. Motti Korf in honor of Mr Genady Bogolubov and is entitled the Bogolubov Edition.

The publishers hope that this volume will contribute to the appreciation of the wisdom of Ethics of the Fathers and its application to modern, daily life.

Publisher: Kehot Publication Society | Format: 8.5 x 11.5 Hard Leatherette, 252pp | Language: Russian

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