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Praying With Joy, Vol 2 - Pocket Size

Praying With Joy, Vol 2 - Pocket Size

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The Navi Amos instructs us: “Prepare yourself to greet the G-d of Israel” (Amos 4,13). Practically, what does this preparation entail? Orach Chaim 90 writes “Before prayer a person needs to prepare four things: place, clothing, body and mind.” While preparation is critical for any mitzvah, we find a special stress in regards to prayer.

This powerful little book clarifies the Tefilah preparation process through halachos, midrashim, and stories. Broken up into short chapters for every day of the week, it’s an easy format that has proved successful in volume one of this series.

By: Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis| Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Binding: Hard | ISBN: 978-159826-740-2 | Pages: 288 |

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