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Prisoner of Pikers Island

Prisoner of Pikers Island

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There was a blast from above, and Eli looked up. Bursts of wind from spinning helicopter
blades slapped his bangs against his forehead. The thunderous racket of the approaching
Royal Rose sounded like rockets going off in the sky. Eli saw the man framed in the doorway of the chopper. His brain sounded bells of terror: George Morris is here!! 

Eli Mink is back for his third year at Yeshivah Kesser Dan in the snowy Alaskan mountains.
He can’t wait to join school trips to fun houses and sweet shops. But his dreaded
archnemesis, George Morris, has escaped from Pikers Island prison! How can Eli stay safe
when the creepy criminal is on the loose?

This action-packed adventure is the latest book in Y. M. Hodgbi’s wildly popular series. Join
the boys from Ramoni Manor as they boat in a stormy sea, explore ice caves, and struggle to save Eli from the prisoner of Pikers Island.

Y.M. Hodgbi

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