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Raising A Mensch - Practical Discussions And Inspiration For The Family

Raising A Mensch - Practical Discussions And Inspiration For The Family

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Raising a child to be a mensch entails conscious and ongoing attention. 

A mensch is someone who knows and does the right thing — consistently. But it’s not just because he or she happens to be a nice person. It’s because the person became a that way.

Raising a Mensch offers a proactive and positive approach to teaching good middos. This innovative and interactive book enables you to explore and practice one middah each week by means of the following:

  • A typical scenario involving a child and a particular middah, along with discussion questions
  • A weekly inspirational thought from the parashah, with insights into the middah 
  • A a practical challenge for the week 

This book gives parents a hands-on way to engage young children in fascinating discussions about middos. By discussing classic scenarios and key issues, children absorb and integrate proper behavior for real life.

Topics Include:

-Thanking Hashem for the big and small things -Dealing with peer pressure -Saying “hello” when entering the house -Caring for others who have less -Being truly happy

About the Author:

Dovid Sommer grew up in South Africa and now lives with his wife and five children in Ramat Beit Shemesh. He has taught for various Jewish youth programs from America, Australia, and South Africa and is currently teaching, writing, and translating. His specialty is translating Torah texts from Hebrew into English, with a special interest in personal growth and inspiring others to actualize their potential.

Author : Rabbi Zev Festinger I Translator Translated and adapted from the Chovas Ha'adam B'olamo series: Sugyas, Rebbi Zev Festinger I ISBN 9781946351852 I Dimensions 6 X 9 I Number of pages 249 I Publisher Mosaica Press

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