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RECLAIMING HUMANITY: A Guide to Maintaining the Inner World of the Child Facing Ongoing Trauma

RECLAIMING HUMANITY: A Guide to Maintaining the Inner World of the Child Facing Ongoing Trauma

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The inner world of a healthy child is filled with wonder, awe, and faith in a fair and just world. But for some children, a belief in the benevolence of the world and its people is often too hard to claim. In this unique guidebook, Dr. Norman Fried gives valuable insights into the lives of children who have been victimized by chaos or disease, and teaches how to help them grow within the context of a loving, accepting, and ethical bond. Using these examples, along with insightful writings of psychology, faith, and the wisdom of trauma specialists, Dr. Fried shows how divine connections can serve as an inspiration, as well as a template, for other healthy interactions in a world that needs repair. Through directed action, biblical citations, and psychotherapeutic techniques that provide empowerment and hope, Dr. Fried takes the reader on a journey toward healthier functioning.

About the Author:
Norman J. Fried, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and a disaster mental health specialist for the American Red Cross of Greater New York. He is a former director of psychosocial services at the Cancer Center for Kids and the division of pediatric hematology/oncology at Winthrop University on Long Island. He has also taught in the medical schools of New York University and St. John's University, and has been a fellow in clinical and pediatric psychology at Harvard Medical School. He is the author of The Angel Letters: Lessons that Dying Can Teach Us about Living and Every Day I Bless You: Reflections on the Healing Power of Shiva. He lives in Roslyn, New York.

Author : Norman J. Fried, PhD I ISBN: 978-965-524-212-6 I Hardcover, 64 pages I Urim Publications, 2017

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