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Shney Luchot Habrit - Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz (English-3 vol.)

Shney Luchot Habrit - Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz (English-3 vol.)

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Translator: Rabbi Eliyahu Munk
The author of these three volumes, Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz (HaShela) was born in Prague around 1565, served as Rabbi in many prominent pulpits in Europe (amongst them Frankfurt on Main) before making Aliyah in 1621. The Shney Luchot Habrit represent a labour spanning many decades.
The work has served as an inspiration to rabbis and laymen for centuries, but due to its kabbalistic passages, it presents great difficulties for those who are not at home in that discipline. It is hoped that even readers who normally prefer to study the text in original Hebrew will find it possible to benefit from the author's wisdom and erudition by studying this version in English.


The translator, Rabbi Eliyahu Munk, was born in Frankfurt on Main, where he received his education at the Samson Rafael Hirsch Realschule, and the Yeshiva of the late Rabbi Joseph Breuer, of blessed memory. He continued his education at the Yeshiva in Gateshead, England. He served in Jewish education (primarily as a teacher) for almost 30 years in Toronto, Canada.

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By: Rabbi Isaiah Horowitz | Publisher: Urim Publications | Language: English | Volumes: 3 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 6 3/4 inch. X 9 3/4 inch. |

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