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Siddur HaShela HaShalem - Shaar HaShamayim (3 Vol.)

Siddur HaShela HaShalem - Shaar HaShamayim (3 Vol.)

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A siddur for the entire year, nusach Sefarad with commentaries by Rabbi Yeshaya Segal Horowitz (1600`s).

Volume 1 has all the daily prayer.
Volume 2 has all the prayers for shabbat and chagim.
Volume 3 has Tehillim with his commentary and maamadot.

The Shela's commentary is usually Kabbalistic in nature.

~~~ Please look inside this beautiful siddur.

By: Rabbi Yeshaya Segal Horowitz | Publisher: Hotzaat Chevrat Ahavat Shalom | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 3 | Binding: Hard | Size: 7 inch. X 9.5 inch. | Weight: 8.8 lb. |Only 1 set left!!,/ 1 vol water damaged

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