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Strengthen Your Emunah

Strengthen Your Emunah

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Developing a Meaningful Relationship with Hashem. Based on the Shiurim of Rabbi Yitzchok Fingerer

In a confusing, turbulent and increasingly amoral world, faith is our only anchor.

But what is faith and how does one attain it?

How can one maintain emunah despite challenges and tribulations?

Rav Yitzchok Fingerer has impacted thousands through his writing and lectures on Torah hashkafah. Filled with stories and parables, Strengthen Your Emunah reveals the secrets to a more fulfilling and tranquil life by discussing:

Knowing G-d and loving Him
Proof of the Torah's veracity
Science and Faith
Evidence for G-d
How to bring Mashiach …and much more!
Join Rav Fingerer on a thrilling and fascinating journey toward a deeper and closer relationship with Hashem.

by Rabbi Yitzchok Fingerer Dimensions: 6X9 Weight: 0.9 lbs Binding: Hard Cover / 136 pages Published by: Feldheim

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