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Studies on the Haggadah : From the Teachings of Nechama Leibowitz

Studies on the Haggadah : From the Teachings of Nechama Leibowitz

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The essence of the educational approach reflected in the Pesach Haggadah is the question and answer method. Studies on the Haggadah is based on the teachings of one of the outstanding Torah teachers of our generation, Nechama Leibowitz, presenting over 100 analytical questions relating to the Seder and the Exodus from Egypt. Questions extracted from Nechama’s renowned weekly Torah study sheets (Gilyonot) guide the reader through an analysis of the Haggadah text, and the sources upon which it is based, including supplementary biblical texts, Midrashim, and medieval and modern commentaries. Suggested answers are provided by two of Nechama’s students, Yitshak Reiner and Shmuel Peerless. Studies on the Haggadah will provoke discussion and infuse greater meaning into the Pesach Seder.

Nechama’s approach is based on the principle of active learning. The cornerstone of her methodology is the presentation of questions on the Biblical text and relevant commentaries that require the learner to independently analyze and draw conclusions. The Gilyonot (study sheets) on the weekly Torah portion, prepared by Nechama over a thirty-year period, contain textual comparisons, stylistic literary analyses and commentaries that are designed to foster an in-depth study of the sources and raise probing questions. Nechama’s approach to Torah study is thus very compatible with the methodology reflected in the Haggadah. As such, it is helpful and challenging to apply Nechama’s work to the Pesach Seder.

This Haggadah collects questions relating to the Seder from Nechama’s Gilyonot and other writings, and organizes them according to the text of the Haggadah. It includes questions and suggested answers on the text of the Haggadah itself as well as the Biblical verses upon which the Haggadah is based. The purpose of this Haggadah is to enable individuals and families to engage in a meaningful study of the story of the Exodus from Egypt before, during, and after the Seder night experience.

Nechama Leibowitz (1905–97) was among the outstanding Torah scholars and teachers of our generation. Her unique instructional methods are utilized by many contemporary Torah educators throughout the world.

Editors: Yitshak Reiner and Shmuel Peerless.

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By: Nechama Leibowitz | Publisher: Urim Publications | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 159 | Binding: Hard |

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