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Talmud Bavli Metivta - Oz Vehadar Edition : Sanhedrin vol. 1 (large size)

Talmud Bavli Metivta - Oz Vehadar Edition : Sanhedrin vol. 1 (large size)

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The finest of the finest ! (folios 2a-22b). The best Gemara for studing Masechet Bava Batra.

A review written by M.S.:

What I like about the Metivta is it's presentation.
1. The tuzrat hadaf is the Oz Vehadar version. The daf is cleanly laid out. All the Diburei Hamatchil are in bold, including the hagahot which are now easy to follow.
2. Following the dapim of the volume, comes the translation in simple Hebrew so that the discussion flows.
3. The Maharsha, Maharshal , and Maharam are laid out cleanly and the Diburei Hamatchil bolded.
4. There are sections elucidating Rashi and Tosfos. ( I have seen that the Shas Lublin also includes a section elucidating Tosfot. Nonetheless I like the Metivta better. The Metivta places the text of the Tosfot in the center of the page in big block letters as if it were the Gemara and their commentary surrounding it.)
5. There follow several sections discussing the Rishonim and Acharonim who discuss the daf, as well as some halacha l'maasseh issues.
6. All sections contain copious notes and cross-references.
7. I like the feel of the paper page.

Publisher: Oz Vehadar | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 1 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 9 inch. X 12 inch. |

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