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The Book of Jewish Knowledge Hardcover

The Book of Jewish Knowledge Hardcover

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The Book of Jewish Knowledge—A Multifaceted Exploration of the Teachings, Observances, and History of Judaism

The Book of Jewish Knowledge presents the story of Judaism through a wide variety of texts, artworks, and infographics. It’s an accessible and comprehensive exploration of four millennia of Jewish wisdom, life, and traditions, artfully designed to be the ideal gift for anyone seeking to understand the depth and splendor of the Jewish people and their traditions.

  • Ages 12+

  • 496 pages of accessible and relevant Jewish knowledge

  • Printed on luxurious Italian paper

  • Contemporary and inviting design evokes curiosity

  • Presents Jewish history and traditions through artifacts, maps, photographs, and paintings

  • Answers 1,200 questions on Judaism, from “What is Judaism?” and “What does it mean to be a Jew?” to “What’s a good gefilte fish recipe?”

  • Bite-sized format means you’ll dip in for two minutes and walk away with a gold nugget of Jewish knowledge

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