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The Promise Of Liberty-A Passover Haggada-Halpern

The Promise Of Liberty-A Passover Haggada-Halpern

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In The Promise of Liberty: A Passover Haggada you will find, alongside the traditional  Haggada text, how American abolitionists and artists, pilgrims and presidents, rabbis and revolutionaries, jazz critics and generals found inspiration in the Exodus story. From Sojourner Truth to the struggle to free Soviet Jewry, Harriet Tubman to Harry Truman, Mark Twain to Martin Luther King Jr., the Jewish story of redemption has inspired Americans of all backgrounds, from the country’s inception to today. This unique Haggada shows on each page how the prism of Passover has framed our understanding of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and how the Jewish people have been at the center of the march toward freedom from the time of Moses to today.

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