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The Hunt For Eichmann

The Hunt For Eichmann

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A Story Of Daring, Healing, And The Hand Of Hashem

In May 1960, Israeli agents captured Adolf Eichmann, who had played a central role in the Nazi plan to annihilate six million European Jews, and brought him to Israel to stand trial. In The Hunt for Eichmann, the planning and execution of this complex operation is retold, with an emphasis on the fundamental concepts of emunah and hashgachah pratis. The story is interwoven with the tale of Yossi, a sweet young boy who is haunted by stories of the persecution inflicted on his grandfather during the holocaust.

Through a miraculous turn of events, an act of mesirus nefesh comes full circle, a precious manuscript is recovered, and Yossi is healed from his fears. It is our fervent hope that this book will raise Holocaust awareness among Jewish youth, imbuing them with firm faith and the knowledge that everything happens through the hand of Hashem.

by: Rabbi Avraham Ohayon I Illustrator : Dan & Yoel Bar Lev I Dimensions : 8.5 x 12 I ISBN : 9781680254044 I Publisher : Distributed By Feldheim I Number of pages : 96 I Binding type Hard Cover

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