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The Minchas Chinuch on Pesach

The Minchas Chinuch on Pesach

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A deeper perspective on the mitzvos of Leil HaSeder. 

This sefer is an in depth analysis of the mitzvos of Matzah and Sippur Yetzias Mitzrayim based on the Hebrew sefer the Minchas Chinuch. The Chazon said that the sefer Minchas Chinuch changed the world. Now you too can enjoy it in an easy-to-read English.

Can a majority of matzah nullify and permit the eating of chametz?
Can one listen to the Haggadah or must he say it on his own?
Is multi-grain matzah permitted?

Author Rabbi Moshe Hubner | ISBN 9781614658627 | Pages 328 | Cover Type Hardcover

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