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The Noda Biyehudah - Rabbi Yechezkel Landau

The Noda Biyehudah - Rabbi Yechezkel Landau

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A beautifully written biography that tells the life story of this great protector and leader of his people. Its pages are filled with wonderful stories and anecdotes, from his early childhood through his adult years, that demonstrate his amazing brilliance in solving seemingly insoluble problems, both in the realm of Halachah and in every-day life. particular attention is devoted to his experiences as Chief Rabbi of Prague. He emerges as a devoted rosh yeshivah, a compassionate rabbi, a strong community leader and a skillful negotiator with governments during the numerous wars and threatened expulsions that plagued the Jewish community.

By: Rabbi R. Weingarten | Pages: 150 | Publisher: C.I.S. | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Binding: Soft |

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