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The Path of Torah : The Introduction to Ha'amek She'elah

The Path of Torah : The Introduction to Ha'amek She'elah

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Darkah Shel Torah, also known as Kadmas Ha’amek, was originally published as a preface to the Netziv’s magnum opus, Ha’amek Sh’alah. This work, consisting of three sections, strives to demonstrate how the true path of Torah becomes realized through the proper application of analysis and the development of the proper character and attitude for discovering God’s truth. With such an approach, the Jew becomes closest to God through the study of Torah, as both the Jewish Nation and the Torah emanate from the same Divine source.

To facilitate understanding, this translation contains numerous footnotes that cite the Netziv’s other works, the sources he used, as well as explanations of the Netziv’s numerous references. Summaries have been provided to guide the reader in the more difficult chapters.

About the Translator: Rabbi Elchanan (Arnold) Greenman studied Talmud and Codes for four years with Rav Aharon Soloveichik at Yeshivas Brisk of Chicago, where he received his rabbinic ordination in June, 1977. Rabbi Greenman has a B.S. in Physics and a M.S. in Computer Science and has presented technical papers in the area of space robotics. He served as a kollel and faculty member for three years at Yeshiva University of Los Angeles and has continued to teach adult and young adult classes for more than 20 years, in Chicago, IL, Los Angeles, CA and Houston, TX. Rabbi Greenman has provided significant assistance to the Jewish law segments of various comparative law articles coauthored by Yale and Irene Rosenberg, chaired law professors at the University of Houston Law Center. Even though Rabbi Greenman has been employed as an engineer for the International Space Station for almost 20 years, and is currently the Lead Engineer for Software Quality Engineering, his first love is Torah study and he has a special interest in the writings of HaRav Naftali Tzvi Yehuda Berlin, commonly referred to as the “Netziv.”

By: Rav Naftali Tzvi Yehuda Berlin (The Netziv) / Translated and Annotated by Rabbi Elchanan Greenman | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 394 | Binding: Hard |

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