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The Rebbeim Vol. 1 - The Life of the Alter Rebbe

The Rebbeim Vol. 1 - The Life of the Alter Rebbe

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The founder of the Chabad-Lubavitch school of Chasidism is a giant in the world of Chassidus in particular and Judaism in general. This fascinating and inspiring biography makes the life and accomplishments of this major figure accessible to young readers for the first time. Rabbi Shalom DovBer Avzton skillfully describes the Alter Rebbe's eventful life including his remarkable birth, the many obstacles (including two imprisonments) that he overcame and the writing of the Tanya that changed the Jewish world forever. Attractively illustrated, this book will appeal to young readers.

By: Sholom D. Avtzon | Publisher: Sholom D. Avtzon | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 292 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 6 X 9 inches |

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