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To Your Health - The Torah Way to a Healthy Life in Modern Times

To Your Health - The Torah Way to a Healthy Life in Modern Times

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Many things are beyond our control. Our health isn’t one of them.
The Torah tells us to guard our health. This book tells us how.

TO YOUR HEALTH presents a unique blueprint on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and prevent serious disease. This book’s light, easy-to-read format is enhanced by tips and success stories. The principles of healthy eating habits enumerated in these pages are solidly based on the Rambam’s teachings, as well as on modern medical findings.

“Rabbi Ishayek combines the wisdom of ancient scholars … and other principles of Jewish dietary law together with the most recent scientific research and evidence-based medicine. Rabbi Ishayek possesses unique wisdom and is a keen observer of human behavior. His understanding, knowledge, and wisdom are all evident in this book. As a physician, I enjoyed reading the book, and I myself follow what Rabbi Ishayek preaches. I recommend this book to my family and friends, as well as to my patients. I believe that any person who follows the principles described herein — concerning eating, drinking water and general behavior — will live a longer, healthier and better life.”
– Jacob Shani, M.D., FACP, FACC, FSCAI, Professor of Medicine, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine

“It would be wonderful if this book would reach... ...every community and inspire them to preserve their health!”
– Hagaon Harav Chaim Walkin shlita

“Rabbi Ishayek has received much praise for his sefarim, and Gedolei Yisrael expressed their appreciation and their haskamah to publish them throughout the world. I support him wholeheartedly, and may Hashem be with him to be mezakeh the rabbim.”
– Hagaon Harav Mendel Silber shlita

About the Author
Rabbi Yechezkel Ishayek is well known throughout the Jewish religious world, as he was the right-hand man of Rav Elazar Menachem Mann Shach, zt”l for many years. Rabbi Ishayek grew up in Bnei Brak, where he spent 20 years learning in the famed Ponevezh Yeshivah. Throughout the years, while serving as Rav Shach’s caretaker, he educated himself extensively about medical issues. In 5760/2000 Rabbi Ishayek launched a campaign against cigarette smoking and called upon on Gedolei Yisrael to sign announcements ecrying smoking, and he publicized these announcements. He authored the book Chaim L’lo Ishun (Life without Smoking), which has sold tens of thousands of copies and has made a huge impact.

In 5760/2003 he put together a small pamphlet on preventive medicine. Over the years, he has expanded that pamphlet, and it has now become this volume. Rabbi Ishayek sees it as his mission to educate others on proper health and is grateful to Hashem for giving him the gifts and opportunity to do so. As one reader wrote, “Rabbi Ishayek’s desire to help people cries out from the pages of the book.”

by Yechezkel Ishayek / Dimensions: 6" x 8.5" / Weight: 1.0310 lbs,Binding: Paperback / 335 pages ,Published by: Distributed by Feldheim,

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