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Torah Anthology Vol. 38 : Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs)

Torah Anthology Vol. 38 : Shir Hashirim (Song of Songs)

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All the Writings are holy, but the Song of Songs is as the Holy of Holies. It was composed by King Solomon at the completion of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, when the Ark was placed in the Holy of Holies. The love spoken of in the Song of Songs between the Jewish people and the G-d of Israel, was imaged in the two Cherubim above the Ark that were turned to each other in a gesture of love. The Song of Songs is a sublime metaphor that touches upon many realities, as the present work makes clear. In an original translation that is inspired by the poetic rhythm and allusive riches of Solomon's greatest Song, this Torah Anthology on Shir HaShirim exposes the highest striving of the Jew that explains his importance. Translated by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan.

By Rabbi Yaacov Culi | Publisher: Moznaim | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 352 | Binding: Hard |

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