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Torat Moshe - Chatam Sofer al HaTorah with Shir Maon (5 vol.)

Torat Moshe - Chatam Sofer al HaTorah with Shir Maon (5 vol.)

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Few stars shone as brightly in the Jewish heavens of the 19th Century as Rabbi Moshe Sofer, the Chasam Sofer. Authoritative halachic decisor, rabbi, teacher, commentator, leader -- the range of his activity is breathtaking. No less astonishing is the consistent excellence of his performance in every one of his many fields: the rabbi of Pressburg (present-day Bratislava), Slovakia; the head of a yeshivah that produced the prototypes of rabbinic and lay leadership, past and present; the most important rabbinic figure in the Austro-Hungarian Empire; the man who provided strength and direction for Torah Judaism in a dangerous and turbulent era. His legacy survives to this day, throughout the Jewish world.

In many thousands of synagogues and homes, no Sabbath is complete without the Torah of the Chasam Sofer. As one great rosh yeshivah put it, “Everything is there: breadth, depth, interpretation, analysis, stimulation, brilliance, insight. The ideas are never stale. There is always something novel and richly satisfying.”(Rashi Hebrew fonts)

By: Rabbi Moshe Sofer | Language: Hebrew | Volumes: 5 | Binding: Hard | Dimensions: 9 inch. X 6 inch. |

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