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What's in a Name - Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson

What's in a Name - Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson

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What's in a name? Plenty. The Kabbalists, of blessed memory, have taught that all the spiritual worlds were created through combinations of the holy letters of the Alef Bet. People, too, are influenced by the holiness of the hebrew letters of their names. In this fascinating book, the author outlines the meaning behind the letters of the Alef Bet, and the spiritual potential that lies within a name. Includes fifty common Jewish names, and their spiritual meanings. Also features a list of the pesukim to recite for various names, including uncommon names which are not usually found in other lists of this kind.

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By: Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson | Publisher: The Kest-Lebovits Jewish Heritage and Roots | Language: English | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 303 | Binding: Hard |

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