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Zundel of Chelm - Zemel and Avremel Discover America

Zundel of Chelm - Zemel and Avremel Discover America

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"Baruch Hashem, I have almost all the money I need for the tickets."
"Enough, Avremel, is there only room for tickets and ships in your head?!"
"Nu, of course there's room in my head for tickets, but how could I fit a ship in there?"

Turn back the clock and travel along with Avremel and Zemel as they leave Poland, begin a new life in old-time America, and learn to be loyal to Torah and mitzvos despite the tests and challenges they face. 

Zemel and Avremel Discover America is a charming comic that is sprinkled with humor and wisdom.

The latest volume in the popular "Zundel of Chelm" series.

By A. Neibaum

Author: A. Neibaum I Dimensions: 9"x13" I Format: Hardcover I Illustrator: Tova Katz I ISBN: 978-1-60091-992-3 I Length: 68 I Media: Book I Publisher: Tfutza Publications,

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