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127 Insights into Megillas Esther

127 Insights into Megillas Esther

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There were 127 provinces in King Achashveirosh's vast empire; when Chazal expounded on the Purim miracle, they uncovered 127 insights into the vastness of the Megillah. We've known the characters since childhood: the foolish king, Achashveirosh, and his two queens, one wicked and one righteous; the evil councilor, Haman, and his deadly schemes; the righteous Jew, Mordechai, with his refusal to compromise his beliefs. Each Purim, as we listen to the enthralling words of Megillas Esther, we shudder in dread at the Jews' peril, and thrill at their miraculous redemption. But do we really understand the meaning of the Purim story, in all of its depth and dimensions? Through the words of Chazal found in mesechta Megillah, Rabbi Mendel Weinbach, Dean of Ohr Somayach Institution, presents the Purim story as few of us have ever understood it. It is a story of conflict and political intrigue, imminent doom and miraculous redemption, sin and repentance. 127 Insights into Megillas Esther reveals the many facets of the Purim story in light of the greater confrontation between a Heavenly power and an arrogant, earthly one. Through the words of Chazal we gain a deeper appreciation of the courage and wisdom of Esther's strategy in dealing with the danger, of Mordechai's righteousness, and of Haman's hatred.
by Mendel Weinbach

ISBN: 0944070507 / Format: Hardcover / Pages: 193 / Author: Rabbi Mendel Weinbach / Publisher: Targum PressHardcover

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