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A Legacy of Leaders - Children's Edition

A Legacy of Leaders - Children's Edition

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Inspiring Stories & Biographies of Sephardi Hachamim

How did the people of Yerushalayim discover the astounding greatness of their "simple" shamash, R' Shalom Shar'aby?

What did R' Haim Pinto command Rahab, the malach of the sea, to do, and how did this incredible story lead to the marriage of R' Haim's two guests?

How did the Sdei Hemed manage to free the unfortunate debtors under Turkish rule at that time?

In Legacy of Leaders for Children, over twenty stories of great Sephardic hachamim are related with passion, eloquence, and authenticity. Each story is accompanied by beautiful, lifelike illustrations, and together with the text, they paint a masterful portrait of the majesty and royalty that were these towering Torah leaders.

In this stunning book, which includes a short biographical sketch of each gadol, readers will attain a true appreciation of many of the Sephardic hachamim from previous generations.

By Yehuda Azoulay

Yehuda Azoulay

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