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A Dose Of Inspiration

A Dose Of Inspiration

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A dose of inspiration is…

A stimulating dvar Torah, with a poignant question and thought-provoking answer… a relatable message that can be incorporated practically in your daily life… and a great story that captures the imagination. This Shabbos, treat your family and friends to…


R’Moshe Pruzansky has combed through early and contemporary commenters and sources in order to offer you the best divrei Torah for the Shabbos table. Each comprehensive dvar Torah has been carefully designed to speak to the minds of even the most advanced intellectuals, captivate the imaginations of all ages, provoke spiritually In people across the religious spectrum, and provide a practical path to live every day of one’s life with inspiration – the way that Hashem wants us to --- through his Torah.

About the Author:

The author demonstrates a tremendous amount of wisdom and understanding of the Torah perspective, while presenting it in a manner that is both compelling and engaging. [This book] has the ability to inspire and teach something to anyone, from scholars to beginners, and everyone in between.

R’ Ben Tzion Shafler

by: Moshe Pruzansky I Dimensions 6 X 9 I ISBN 9781680254150 I Number of pages 272 I Binding type Hard Cover I Publisher Distributed by Feldheim

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