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A Path for Life : Rav Shalom Yosef Klein

A Path for Life : Rav Shalom Yosef Klein

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This is a guide for living life on a higher level, with an extra dose of love and awe of Hashem -- a treasury of instructions for daily living, of precious advice and priceless insights.

The author, Rav Shalom Yosef Klein, zt”l, was a close confidant of many of the leading Rebbes prior to the Holocaust, a rosh yeshiva in his own right, and an expert on Chassidic outlook and practice.

This rare and unique book is a veritable manual for all areas of life, based on the customs and teachings of the early Chassidic Masters.

By: Rav Shalom Yosef Klein | Translator: Rabbi Eliyahu Touger | Publisher: Judaica Press | Language: English-Hebrew | Volumes: 1 | Pages: 280 | Binding: Hard | ISBN: 9781607631255 |

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