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From the author of The Betrayal, The Outcast, The Dark Secrets and Wildlands
Action-packed thriller? Poignant human drama? In Abandoned! bestselling novelist M. Kenan gives us both, in one can’t-put-down novel!

• A childless couple who desperately want a baby ...
• An abandoned baby who needs a home ...
• An Indian Sikh driver with a fatal secret ...
• Two kashrus supervisors fleeing for their lives ...
• An Indian millionaire, a bullied child, a Mossad agent, and a psychologist who has mysteriously disappeared ...

Popular novelist M. Kenan does it again! In Abandoned!, her electrifying novel, she brings us non-stop excitement and poignant drama, in a plot as unusual as it is engrossing. Warning: This is a novel that will keep readers turning the pages from the fascinating beginning to the explosive and unexpected conclusion!

By:M. Kenan | ISBN #: 9781422631713 | Format: Hardcover | Pages: 552 | Dimensions: 6 x 9 x 2.001 inches | Publisher: ArtScroll Shaar Press

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